Alexa Bears

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Alexa is Mike and Rebecca's second daughter. Their first daughter's name is Isabella. Isabella was looking forward to finally becoming a big sister! Isabella never got to meet or hold her little sister Alexa. All she had were the few photos to look at that were done in the hospital. After Mike and Rebecca came home from the hospital empty handed they started noticing changes in Isabella's behavior. While dealing with just losing their baby, they had to try to help Isabella get through this terrible time as well. After much thought we had came up with a great idea.

  So, Alexa Bear was made! She weighed what Alexa weighed, 7lbs. 10.8oz. When Isabella got to hold the Alexa Bear for the first time she lit up! Rebecca and Mike had their Isabella back! Isabella and her parents change Alexa Bear into new outfits, put her in the crib every night, and she's in all their family photos to fill that empty spot where their daughter Alexa should be.

Rebecca had decided that this would be such a great opportunity to give back and help families with empty arms. These bears don't replace our little angels, but they help with the grieving and it gives us something to do with our arms.

If you're interested in a bear/s for your baby/s go to the contact page. I hope you love your bear as much as we do!